• The Ideal Agency for a Brand
  • We create, promote and enhance brands in the market

IKRA Creative Agency

Any piece of our work is based on ideas — inspiring, unique and breakthrough. They constitute the basis of any project, be it digital branding, marketing activity or a public relations campaign — we always gain results. Our goal is to make best decisions within industry.

Core competencies

Our Web Design studio produces websites that are beautiful and smart, and take care of their technical support and further development; our Digital Agency molds strategies for brand presence in the web; our Brand Agency specializes in positioning and the development of brand visual identification systems; our Art and Design Studio is responsible for the creation of special print products and creative wrapping.

Before getting down to a new project we are trying to feel this certain business, determine client’s values and get into the spirit of the end consumer. This approach always enables us to hit the mark. Every project created by IKRA is 100% effective. And even more.

Our mission is to encourage the Evolution of Brand-to-Consumer communication